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Playhouse Windows Cut To Size

  • Perspex®, Not Alternative
  • Stronger Than Glass
  • Clearer than Glass 92%+ "Glass 89%"
  • Class 4 Fire Rating
  • Half The Weight Of Glass
  • UV Stabilised
  • Weather Resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to cut & fix
  • Easily machined and fabricated
  • Good Electrical insulation properties
  • Removable Protection Film front Side
  • Don’t Remove Paint, Paper Protect Backing
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    In Stock
    From: £1.00

    Playhouse Windows Cut To Size

    In Stock
    From: £1.00

    Playhouse Windows Cut To Size Details

    Cast acrylic sheeting is an affordable, safe, and durable option for playhouse windows. Coloured plastic sheets are available in a variety of fun colours and tints. Plastic sheeting is the perfect solution for spaces which can benefit from strong, plastic material that does not shatter.
    At Perspex Sheet UK, you can be sure that the cast acrylic sheets we supply are of the highest quality, 100% Perspex®.
    We can cut clear Perspex® and polycarbonate plastic sheets into any shape and size. We offer a great selection of thicknesses. With our strong plastic sheets, your child will enjoy hours of safe play.

    Cast Acrylic Playhouse Windows

    Cast Perspex® panels are up to 20 times stronger than glass and extremely resistant to difficult weather conditions.
    A cast plastic sheet can withstand temperatures as low as -20°C in winter and as high as +30°C in summer. This means that acrylic material offers resistance to temperature variations of 50°C.
    Clear plastic sheeting boasts a clarity rating far surpassing that of glass. A clear Perspex® panel offers more than 92% transparency with no colour bias, while standard glass is only 89% transparent. 

    Tinted Acrylic Playhouse Windows

    We offer a variety of Perspex® Tint options for a fun and unique playhouse window. Our tinted sheets vary in transparency, so you can find the perfect level of visibility for your needs.
    You can choose a muted, dark neutral Perspex® sheet or a fun pink or green sheet, and more.

    The Versatility of Playhouse Windows

    Our transparent panels are available in a robust number of thicknesses, ranging from as little as 2 mm to as much as 30 mm. Tinted sheets are available in 3 mm and 5 mm versions.
    We use various professional tools to cut and fabricate our clear Perspex® panels, ensuring you get the best result. All cast acrylic sheeting can be polished to two standards, depending on your preference. 
    Coloured and clear sheeting can be saw cut or polished. Additionally, for a pristine, high-quality look we offer a polished and buffed option on Perspex® panels, for more safety.
    We can drill holes in Perspex® sheets, at any distance and in any size. We can also round the corners of your see-through sheet.

    Safe and Quick Delivery

    All cast acrylic sheets are covered with two protective films, one on each side, to keep them safe during handling and transport. You can securely store your plastic sheet until you are ready to use it.
    Additionally, we protect each Perspex® sheet with foam corner protectors and secure outer packaging for your peace of mind.
    We have standard and express delivery options, for those time-sensitive orders. Your sheeting is always with you when needed the most.
    However, if your sheet should ever get scratched, you can use an acrylic cleaner or polisher to bring it back to its glory. Additionally, plastic sheets can also be buffed to remove any marks your sheet might sustain over its long use.

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