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3mm Gold Metallic Metallic and Sparkle Perspex

  • Perspex®, Not Alternative
  • UV Stabilised
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to cut & Install
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Good Electrical insulation properties
  • Half The Weight Of Glass
  • Weather Resistant
  • Class 3 Fire Rating
  • Removable Protection Film front Side
  • Don’t Remove Paint, Paper Protect Backing
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    In Stock
    From: £1.00

    3mm Gold Metallic Metallic and Sparkle Perspex

    In Stock
    From: £1.00

    Gold Metallic Perspex® 3625 Details

    Gold Metallic Perspex® 3625, an opulent force of colour

    Metallic cast acrylic is an opulent and aesthetic material that can brighten up any space. Perspex® sheets are lightweight and dependable, making them easy to work with and machine. A gold metallic sheet has a double-sided, high gloss and matt finish, making it perfect for home and commercial use.

    At Perspex Sheet UK, you can be sure that the cast acrylic sheets we supply are of the highest quality, 100% Perspex®. Your sheet will amaze you with its incredible, metallic surface for years to come.

    Like all Perspex® sheeting in the Metallic Finish range, Gold Metallic 3625 comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee. It includes resistance to the elements and discolouration.

    A metallic acrylic sheet is perfect if you want a high-quality, premium finish. Metallic Perspex® is an attractive option for event decoration, retail, and advertising purposes. Gold plastic panels provide an opulent opportunity to bring luxury and style into your home.

    Gold Metallic Acrylic Sheet: a twinkle of light

    Metallic panels’ brilliant high gloss and satin finishes are preferred by interior designers and DIY tinkerers. Metal-looking acrylic material has a stunning, shiny finish on one side and a more muted, satin finish on the other. A gold plastic sheet offers versatility with a gorgeous look.

    Gold-coloured sheeting is an aesthetic option for statement furniture, such as tables and table tops or an exquisite bath or shower splashback. Double-sided gold sheeting guarantees privacy with style.

    You can also use gold cast acrylic for kitchen splashbacks, bringing a glamorous feel into your spaces. You only need to remember not to expose your shiny, new sheet to open fire sources.

    The functionality and beauty of a double-sided sheet are ideal for home shelving units or retail acrylic displays. Whether it is your customers or your guests, let them be amazed by our stunning, gold metallic plastic panels.

    Gold Metallic Plastic Sheets shine bright

    Coloured Perspex® acrylic is often used in art installations and exhibitions. The impeccable gloss surface and a satin finish make metal-looking material a gorgeous selection for any art project.

    Gold Perspex® sheets are also a magnificent choice for event decoration. You can easily use a luxurious golden sheet for a charming wedding sign, eye-catching lettering, or marquee ornaments. The striking gold sheet will make any project stand out.

    Solid colour gold sheets are a favourite for visual media, design, and advertising. Cut to size gold acrylic sheeting is excellent to work with, and can easily be turned into discs and shapes, so your imagination is the only limit.

    Solid Perspex® acrylic sheets offer excellent chemical resistance and good electrical insulation properties. Acrylic sheets are considerably flame and heat-resistant, having a Class 3 Fire Rating.

    Perspex® sheeting’s strength and durability make golden acrylic an incredibly versatile, visually pleasing material you can use almost anywhere.

    Your Gold Metallic Perspex® 3625, your choice

    All metallic sheets are available in a 3 mm thickness and are solid colours, which means this category of coloured Perspex® sheeting does not transmit light. Full coloured sheets measure 3040 mm x 2030 mm.

    If you are looking for an even more extravagant and opulent material, we suggest Gold Acrylic Mirror.

    We can provide you with large Gold Metallic Perspex® sheets or cut them to any size and shape. We can also add screw holes, rounded corners, or polishing to your Perspex® sheeting to accommodate all your requirements.

    You can have a golden acrylic Perspex® cut in an unusual shape or request cut-outs for sockets and light fixtures, in gold kitchen splashbacks. We offer a Bespoke service so you can find the perfect metallic plastic sheet for you.

    Rain or shine

    All cast acrylic sheets are covered with two protective films, one on each side, to keep them safe during handling and transport. You can securely store your plastic sheet until you are ready to use it.

    Additionally, we protect each Perspex® sheet with foam corner protectors and secure outer packaging for your peace of mind.

    However, if your sheet should ever get scratched, you can use an acrylic cleaner or polisher to bring it back to its glory. Additionally, plastic panels can also be buffed to remove any marks your sheet might sustain over its long use.

    Frequently Asked Questions For Gold Metallic Perspex® 3625

    I am unsure what type of Coloured Perspex to use?

    Please feel free to call our experienced sales staff, on 01164 828282 who can assist you further or order a sample from our web site.


    Can you confirm what the largest sheet size is with your Coloured Perspex?

    Our largest size available currently 3050 x 2030.


    What are the largest sheet sizes available in the Metallic range? 

    Our largest size available is currently 2030 x 1540 mm


    What are the largest sheet sizes available in the Sparkle / Pearlescent range? 

    Our largest size available is currently 3050 x 2030 mm


    What is the thickness of your Coloured Acrylic/Perspex?

    Our coloured Acrylic is available in the thicknesses of 3mm & 5mm. Our Black, White & Opal is available in 3mm, 5mm & 10mm.


    Can you edge polish Coloured Acrylic/ Perspex?

    Yes, we can polish or for a superior finish we can also offer polish and buff to all the cut edging, should this be required.


    What is your cutting/manufacturing tolerance?

    We cut to a tolerance of +/- 3mm. However, this can be as low as 1mm depending on the machine we use. Feel free to call any member of our team if you need to discuss your requirements, on 01164 828282.


    Can you supply radius corners?

    Yes, our standard radius is 20mm, but you can choose anything from 5mm to 100mm.


    Can I use Coloured Perspex as a splashback?

    Absolutely, it’s a great alternative to tiling, also for protection on walls. Durable and easy to wipe clean. For kitchens we would recommend PETG as it has a class 1 fire rating whilst offering high chemical resistant properties. Making it ideal for regular cleaning


    I need a bespoke shape cutting into my Perspex, can you do this?

    Yes, we offer standard and polygon shapes. However, should you require a bespoke shape, please email us with your desired shape and we can take care of the rest.


    What is Coloured Perspex light transparency?

    Transparency of light varies between colours and thicknesses; they usually start at 8% and can finish on 0% depending on your chosen colour and thickness. Should you require further details, please see our product technical specification on our product pages or contact our friendly team by phone or email.


    Can I pick my order up from you? 

    Yes, please confirm that you would like to do this before ordering that you would prefer to collect, and we will give you a call once ready.


    What is your standard delivery service?

    3 – 5 days is our standard service, but we can deliver as an express should you need sooner.


    What is your minimum order fee?

    We do not have a minimum order value.


    Can I use your Coloured Perspex outside?

    Yes, our Coloured Perspex / Acrylic are both UV stabilized and offer weather resistance. Making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use.


    Can I clean Coloured Acrylic Perspex?

    Yes, warm soapy water will work great! Easier to maintain than glass mirror.



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